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What is a Healthcare Advisor/Patient Advocate?

A Healthcare Advisor- also known as a patient advocate- is a professional who provides the education, information, and tools needed to assist patients in making an informed decision. Better information leads to better outcomes regarding health care issues and treatment recommendations. Healthcare Advisors know how to navigate the present health care system to optimize care for the needs of their patients

Medical Record Review

I will collect, organize, and personally review your medical records to gain an understanding of your unique situation and needs.

Appointment Attendance

By attending your medical appointments, I will make sense of what your doctor is saying and ask the right questions about your care.

Hospital Bedside Monitoring

During a hospitalization, I will review your charts, coordinate your care, and support the staff with specific information about your case.

Home Therapy and Rehab

Based on your specific needs I will research home therapists in your area and make recommendations for the best ones.

In-Home Nursing Care

I will help you select a reputable care company and make sure that your nurses understand exactly what needs to be done for you.

Hospice Care

I will help you find and transition into a hospice care program while ensuring that your pain management and other needs are met.

The reason why Nan is the right advocate for you and your family

Comprehensive understanding of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
Due Diligence
Creative healthcare problem solving by thoroughly researching diagnosis and treatment options
On Call 24/7
Locating top rated professionals to provide second opinions and other services for my clients.

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