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Health Care Advisor

As your dedicated health care advisor, I will be there to ensure that your medical care is organized and effective. My 30 years of experience as a nurse has given me the insight to guide you through the complex medical system while making sure you get the highest-quality care possible.

Medical Record Review

I will collect, organize, and personally review your medical records to gain an understanding of your unique situation and needs.

Appointment Attendance

By attending your medical appointments, I will make sense of what your doctor is saying and ask the right questions about your care.

Hospital Bedside Monitoring

During a hospitalization, I will review your charts, coordinate your care, and support the staff with specific information about your case.

Home Therapy and Rehab

Based on your specific needs I will research home therapists in your area and make recommendations for the best ones.

In-Home Nursing Care

I will help you select a reputable care company and make sure that your nurses understand exactly what needs to be done for you.

Hospice Care

I will help you find and transition into a hospice care program while ensuring that your pain management and other needs are met.

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