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Healthcare Packages

There are many benefits for having a skilled, knowledgeable medical advocate involved with patients who have medically complex issues. Some of the benefits include:
Communicating monthly with patient to discuss medical information, patient concerns, as well as a friendly voice that listens for what is not said.
Ongoing review of the medications prescribed to reduce risks of drug interactions.
Detecting errors and fills in the gaps created by having multiple treating physicians and facilities that don't always coordinate care.
Supporting care provider by suggesting questions for physician visits and advocating for the patient who may not advocate for themselves.
Advising patient and family with medically complex cases and issues.
Ongoing updating of the custom Medical Information Notebook that is created as part of the initial assessment.
$ 250
Monthly free
  • Initial Assessment
  • Phone call at least once a month
  • Medical Information Notebook updated monthly
$ 500
Monthly free
All services in Essential Plan PLUS
  • Coordination of Medical Care
  • Medical record review
  • Medication review
  • Assist with securing Advanced Directives
  • In person visit once a month
  • Provide resource recommendations as needed:
  • Home care
  • Rehabilitation and Skilled nursing facilities
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Medical second opinions
  • Medical Binder- updated monthly
  • I year subscription includes - 3 doctor visits per year
$ 1.000
Customized monthly packages starting at
All services in Transitional Plan PLUS
  • Attend all doctor visits- written recap to patient and family
  • Emergency Room- will be present at bedside until admitted
  • Hospital stays:
  • Talk with doctors and nurses daily,
  • Talk with social worker to start discharge planning
  • Skilled nursing/Rehab stays:
  • Talk with doctor, nurses daily
  • Plan transition to home from facility
  • Continuous optimization and coordination of medical care
  • Includes initial assessment
Initial Assessment - one time fee $250 *
*Initial Assessment includes:
Medical history and problem list
Medication list
Health Insurance info
Living Wiil, Health Proxy
Emergency contact info
Long term Care Insurance info

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