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Ms. Wetherhorn was absolutely critical in the management of scheduling treatment during my hospital stay. Her advocacy made it possible to interface with the neurologists in a timely fashion. She was diligent and gave attention to our needs by providing a voice in the hospital. We can’t thank her enough for her efforts.


Two years ago I had a busy position with a college-age son , a home , and a husband to care for in New York City. My mom lived alone in South Floridaand at 86 was showing signs of aging. A stubborn woman who takes advice from no one. I was making frquenttrips to see her.

So I proceeded from my desk at work to begin networking getting help for my mom. from one lead came another and frrom that I found an aid who seemed to get along with my mother. During this time someone mentioned using a medical advocate.

I began by calling local Florida Nursing/Rehab centers and someone gave me Nan’s name.

We spoke on the phone, had lengthy emails and texts. I expressed that I would not be able to continue to come back and forth every week.

When I explained her doctor let my mom drop to 88 pounds and did not seem concerned, Nan immediately jumped into “angel”. She got her from the hospital into a rehab that her doctor denied her and I met her the next day at the hospital before her transfer to rehab.

When Nan walked into my mom’s room at the hospital, the doctor was there. When Nan went into action, I knew I could go back to New York secure in knowing my mom was finally in good hands!!!

Nan not only saw her through but essnentially became a part of the family. I asked her early on to treat her like she would her own (mom) and she never let me down!


Nan is a pleasure to work with. She is competent, knowledgeable, and a true professional. I’ve had her assisting with my aunts care for over a year now. She’s been able to help place her in the right assisted living facility, get through issues with medicare, obtain appointments with top doctors that were impossible to get, and coordinate all of her ongoing needs. This has taken a great burden off of my shoulders. Nan is a very warm, caring, and competent professional no task is to small or to big. She gets it done. I highly recommend her. Thank you Nan.

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